Consulting and conceptual services for Skills Management

An enigmatic term - and often used as busszword.

There are different associations, that result from the respective angle and background of knowledge & exprience. None of the models is wrong or right - each one has its origin in the company context and is therefore relevant.

The understanding of PhoeniaConsult of skills management is affected by the linkage of business and peoplebased on a structured process:

The company strategy, as well as short-term, mid-term, and long-term business planning build THE basis for Skills Management.

On this basis, a skills structure can be derived, as well as the planning of current and necessary future company skills. This can be formed more or less detailed for different functions. Specific knowledge topics or the view on more complex competencies can be useful. In the area of professional services also the project staffing along project requirements is supported.

The skills analysis of existing skills (internal and if needed also external) and a match to the identified need is mostly supported by an adequate IT infrastructure. Skills deltas can be show, that then can be minimized differently. Sometimes by integrating external skills via acquisition or partnerships. But mostly via targeted skills development measures, that focuses un future skills and reliefs from obsolete skills.

An essential backing for skills development is a professional learning environment and targeted & needs-oriented learning and other people development measures. To harmonize and develop skills of complete functional areas or organisations - or also to integrate new employees - structured curricular learning approaches serve well. They can be matched with and adjusted to the individual level.

Skills management will only turn to a strategic success factor in the company, if it ist followed up steadily. Most relevant is a standard process after a first implementation, that copes with all changes, as well as controlling and quality management.

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